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Our website is currently undergoing maintenance and some products listed may not be available in stock, or listing current pricing. We are not accepting online orders at this time. Please contact us regarding any of the products listed on our website via email at or telephone at 780-743-8614. Better yet, come down to the store and visit us! You are always welcome!

Sound Reinforcement → Signal Processor

Behringer FX2000 High-Performance 3D Multi-Engine Effects Processor Behringer FX2000 High-Performance 3D Multi-Engine Effects Processor


Get even more mind-expanding power for your keyboard, bass, guitar or vocals with the VIRTUALIZER 3D FX2000 effects processor. This amazing rack-mountable FX unit has 71 incredible algorithms, including true studio-grade stereo and 3D effects that will add a head-spinning new dimension to your sound, both live and in the studio. The FX2000 uses our RSM (Real Sound Modeling) technology to simulate acoustic environments with stunning accuracy. Effects options include powerful modulation, amp simulation, distortion and special effects, as well as effective dynamic and psychoacoustics processing. Performance is further enhanced through user-addressable high and low EQ and wave-adaptive Virtual Room reverbs.

Model: FX2000
Manufacturer: Behringer

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Regular Price: $201.00
 On Sale For: $201.00 
Presonus ACP88 Eight Channel Comp/Ltr/Gate Presonus ACP88 Eight Channel Comp/Ltr/Gate


The ACP88 is the only eight-channel analog compressor/limiter with fully functional noise gates combined in a fully integrated unit and packed into 2 rack spaces. The ACP88 features full parameter control over threshold, attack, release, and ratio, as well as an AUTO function that provides for easy operation with minimal set-up time. This is the most solid value in dynamics processing in the industry! Internal power supply.

Model: ACP88
Manufacturer: Presonus

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Regular Price: $1,699.00
 On Sale For: $1,495.00 
Rapco LTIGLBLOX interface Rapco LTIGLBLOX interface


Manufacturer: Rapco Professio

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Regular Price: $99.95
 On Sale For: $82.95 

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