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Our website is currently undergoing maintenance and some products listed may not be available in stock, or listing current pricing. We are not accepting online orders at this time. Please contact us regarding any of the products listed on our website via email at or telephone at 780-743-8614. Better yet, come down to the store and visit us! You are always welcome!

Sound Reinforcement → Powered Mixer

Yamaha EMX5 Powered Mixer Yamaha EMX5 Powered Mixer


EMX5 models feature a built-in high-efficiency power amplifier of 2 x 630W of output power. Despite their low power consumption, these amps are capable of very high volume output, yet still manage to remain surprisingly lightweight. EMX5 models also come equipped with an onboard overload protection function to improve reliability and prolong component life and performance quality.

Model: EMX5
Manufacturer: Yamaha

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Yamaha EMX7 Powered Mixer Yamaha EMX7 Powered Mixer


The new EMX7 is designed specifically for musicians, performers, or public speakers who put a premium on sound quality and convenient operation, and are ready to take their sound reinforcement to the next level. Despite their compact construction, only speakers and a microphone are required to configure a fully functioning, extremely portable, and reliable sound system with all the tools you need to mix, process, and deliver your audio just the way you want, anywhere you want.

Model: EMX7
Manufacturer: Yamaha

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Regular Price: $1,330.00
 On Sale For: $999.99 
Yorkville MM5D MicroMix Powered Mixer Yorkville MM5D MicroMix Powered Mixer


The MicroMix MM5D powered box mixer is the ideal PA solution for most applications where 2 x 90 watts (stereo) is enough power yet input flexibility is required. Balanced XLR mic, 1/4-inch phone and dual RCA line inputs, onboard user controlled digital effect unit and tape outs (with separate level controls) make the MM5D the perfect powered mixer for live PA, rehearsal, installation or announcement PA applications. Features 5 input channels ( XLR & 1/4-inch in, 2-band EQ, level & effects send control per channel) Additional CD/Tape in with level control Separate Record out with level control Stereo 7-band master Graphic EQ 2 x 90w powered out (stereo) 1/4-inch & Speakon speaker output jacks On-board Digital effects

Model: MM5D
Manufacturer: Yorkville Sound

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Regular Price: $379.00
 On Sale For: $379.00 

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