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Our website is currently undergoing maintenance and some products listed may not be available in stock, or listing current pricing. We are not accepting online orders at this time. Please contact us regarding any of the products listed on our website via email at or telephone at 780-743-8614. Better yet, come down to the store and visit us! You are always welcome!

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Angel 3 Piece Recorder Angel 3 Piece Recorder


Advanced Class ANGEL Recorders of advanced class whtich feature and arched windway for improved breath control and clear focused tone, are for classroom, ensemble, and solo playing and, certainly this will captivate you with its own pecuilar sounds. The recorder made in high quality ABS resin with Dark brown body, Ivory colored mouthpiece, ring and foot. Each recorder is supplied in a simulated leather bag, cleaning rod, fingering chart and cream. Product Feature Renaissance Shape Looks, Feels and Sounds like wood! The Curved windway like expensive wood recorders to produce a rich tone that will satisfy the most advanced players. Ease of play makes it perfect for the beginning student. It is available in Baroque or German fingering for Soprano and Alto. The ABS material provides durability and easy care.

Model: ASRB601
Manufacturer: Angel

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Regular Price: $12.50
 On Sale For: $10.95 
Piper's Chioce Full Bagpipes Piper's Chioce Full Bagpipes


The Pipers' Choice - Full Imitation Bagpipes. These Pipes offer you a great set of Highland Bagpipes at an affordable price. The pipes are made from Delrin. They have imitation ivory projecting mounts and ferrules. The pipes come with a synthetic bag, with synthetic drone reeds, pipe cover, and cords. The chanter reed is a cane reed. These pipes are fully set up and ready to go. If you are looking for a set of bagpipes that look great, sound great and come at a great price, then these pipes are for you. To customize your set of bagpipes, please contact the store. You can select bag size, bag style, bag cover, cords and other options.

Model: A-115D
Manufacturer: Scott's Highlan

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Regular Price: $799.00
 On Sale For: $799.00 
Suzuki Q-Chord Set w/ Case Suzuki Q-Chord Set w/ Case


QChord digital song guitar. Completely portable self-contained music system that anyone can play the very first time, with features that will intrigue the professional musician. For complete specifications please see QC-1, the set comes complete with the QCC case and QCA adapter.

Model: QCSET
Manufacturer: Suzuki

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Regular Price: $398.00
 On Sale For: $398.00 

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