Buffet 870 Open Hole Flute Silver Headjoint

Buffet 870 Open Hole Flute Silver Headjoint


Originally Buffet Crampon flutes were made in Paris, France. But in 1981 the company was bought out by Boosey & Hawkes and their flutes were manufactured in Boosey & Hawkes factories in England (and later in Germany) over the period 1981 to 2004. In 2005 the Buffet Crampon company returned to French hands. Modern Buffet Crampon flutes utilize the Cooper scale and have a reputation for accurate tuning. In the 1980s Boosey & Hawkes redesigned the Buffet Crampon flute in the 7000 series with improved key cups and stiffer keys. The 7000 series is generally regarded as a mechanically superior Flute, that plays well in tune, and is comparable to other upper-intermediate instruments selling for a far greater price. BC7050 - Sterling Silver Head Joint, Silver-plated Body and Keys, inline G, split E, open hole keys, and a Low "C" Foot Joint. It comes with a Hard Shell Case. The BC7050 has Blued Steel Springs for a faster action and response. It features high quality Pads which seal over the Tone Holes tightly,allowing a clearer and more focused tone quality. It is Made In England, with a neccessarily strict quality control that ensures that the Cooper Scale Which is employed matches that of some of the most expensive Flutes in the world!

Model: BC7050-9-0
Manufacturer: Boosey & Hawkes
Buffet 870 Open Hole Flute Silver Headjoint
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