Epiphone ES-335 Dot Cherry


The acoustic (unamplified) sound of this guitar is pure jazz. Mmmmm. Nice... Plugged up through a clean valve amp the Dot effortlessly delivers classic electric voices that nail '50's rock and roll, jazz, funk and smoky blues as you flick through the pickup selector. This journey is an absolute joy - it's very rare to get so much tonal variation simply from the pickup selection, left-hand technique and the choice of where you attack the strings. Add a touch of overdrive and the warmth and fatness of this generous guitar start to drip from the speakers. Heavy blues-rock and chunky indie rhythms are all meat to this guitar's very rich gravy. Soloing is a pleasure and if you're jamming the thing loud enough the true joy of the semi-acoustic is yours to savour - harmonic feedback in all its controllable loveliness.

Manufacturer: EPIPHONE
Epiphone ES-335 Dot Cherry
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