Turnarounds, Cycles & ii/V7s Bk/CD


Volume 16 - Turnarounds, Cycles & ii/V7s by Jamey Aebersold. For any C, Eb, Bb, bass instrument or voice. Play-Along series with accompaniment CD.. The next step in getting your ears and fingers coordinated.. Intermediate, advanced. Book with 2 CDs. Published by Jamey Aebersold Jazz (JA.V16DS). Intermediate/Advanced. If you have been working on playing scales, chords, and harmony in general, this set is the next step towards getting your ears and fingers coordinated. This set is a continuation of Volume 3, but in much more depth. Set contains 5 turnaround tracks, 6 cycle tracks, Coltrane Blues, Some Of The Things I Am (an exercise in substitute ii/V7's), 6 ii/V7 tracks, Coltrane Changes in all 12 keys, Bb rhythm changes (slow tempo), and Guess What Key I'm In. 23 tracks and most go through all 12 keys! RHYTHM SECTION IS: Jamey Aebersold, Piano; John Clayton, Bass;Mike Hyman, Drums, and others

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Composer: Jamey Aebersold
Turnarounds, Cycles & ii/V7s Bk/CD
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