Anthology of Baroque Keyboard Music


This 248-page, up-to-date, comprehensive survey of Baroque keyboard music includes works by 42 composers written between 1590 and 1750. The repertoire provides the widest range of styles and idioms of that period, and ranges in difficulty from late-intermediate through early-advanced levels. Dr. Hinson has also provided historical and biographical background, performance notes and suggested realizations of ornaments.

Table of Contents:
  • A Gigg (William Byrd)
  • A Ground in Gamut [Z. 645] (Henry Purcell)
  • Allegro (Georg Christoph Wagenseil)
  • Allegro Assai (Giovanni Benedetto Platti)
  • Allegro [Illy 15] (Baldasarre Galuppi)
  • Allegro in C Major (Christoph Graupner)
  • Allemande (Georg Philipp Telemann)
  • Allemande in D Minor (François Couperin)
  • Aria in G Major [Hwv 441] (George Frederic Handel)
  • Aria with Variations (Giovanni Battista Martini)
  • Biblical Sonata No. 4: The Mortally Ill and Then Restored He (Johann Kuhnau)
  • Chaconne (Georg Böhm)
  • Chaconne (Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer)
  • Corant [Z. 660:3] (Henry Purcell)
  • Courante (Dietrich Buxtehude)
  • Dialogue (Johann Christian Bach)
  • Fantaisie in C Major [HWV 490] (George Frederic Handel)
  • Fantasia No. 1 (Georg Philipp Telemann)
  • Fantasia in C Minor [BWV 906] (Johann Sebastian Bach)
  • Fantasia in D Minor [H. 195] (Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach)
  • French Suite No. 5 in G Major [BWV 816] (Johann Sebastian Bach)
  • Gagliarda (Girolamo Frescobaldi)
  • Gavotta (Arcangelo Corelli)
  • Gavotte and Variation (Johann Pachelbel)
  • Giga (Domenico Zipoli)
  • Invention No. 1 in C Major [BWV 772] (Johann Sebastian Bach)
  • Invention No. 4 in D Minor [BWV 775] (Johann Sebastian Bach)
  • Invention No. 8 in F Major [BWV 779] (Johann Sebastian Bach)
  • Jigg [Z. 665:5] (Henry Purcell)
  • La Folie d'Espagne (Jean Conrad Baustetter)
  • La Gémissante (Jean-François Dandrieu)
  • La Lutine: Puck (Johann Philipp Kirnberger)
  • Le Coucou (Louis-Claude Daquin)
  • Le Moucheron (François Couperin)
  • Le Vents en Courroux (Louis-Claude Daquin)
  • Menuet in D Major (Jean Baptiste Loeillet)
  • Menuet in G Major (Jean-Henri d'Anglebert)
  • Partita in G Major (Johann Krieger)
  • Pavane (Giles Farnaby)
  • Polonaise in G Minor [BWV Anhang 125] (Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach)
  • Prelude No. 4 in D Major [BWV 936] (Johann Sebastian Bach)
  • Prelude and Fugue No. 11 in F Major [BWV 856] (Johann Sebastian Bach)
  • Prelude and Fugue in C Major (Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer)
  • Ricercata (Georg Christoph Wagenseil)
  • Rigaudon II (Jean-Philippe Rameau)
  • Saraband [Z. 665:4] (Henry Purcell)
  • Sarabande (Dietrich Buxtehude)
  • Sarabande I (Jaques Champion De Chambonnières)
  • Sarabande in C Major [HWV 443] (George Frederic Handel)
  • Siciliana in D Minor (Gottlieb Muffat)
  • Sinfonia No. 3 in D Major [BWV 789] (Johann Sebastian Bach)
  • Solfeggio in A Major [H. 222] (Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach)
  • Sonata Quarta (Johann Joseph Fux)
  • Sonata in A Minor [K. 61; L. 136] (Domenico Scarlatti)
  • Sonata in B-Flat Major [R. 62:4] (Antonio Soler)
  • Sonata in D Major [K. 96; L. 465] (Domenico Scarlatti)
  • Sonata in E Major [K. 531; L. 430] (Domenico Scarlatti)
  • Sonata in E Minor [H. 106] (Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach)
  • Sonata in F Major [K. 446; L. 433] (Domenico Scarlatti)
  • Sonata in G Major [R. 4] (Antonio Soler)
  • Sonatina No. 5 in F Major [H. 296] (Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach)
  • Sonatina in G Major [Hwv 234] (George Frederic Handel)
  • Suite in A Minor (Johann Jacob Froberger)
  • Suite in G Major [HWV 450] (George Frederic Handel)
  • The Fall of the Leafe (Martin Peerson)
  • Three Arias (Bernardo Pasquini)
  • Three Dance Pieces (Louis Couperin)
  • Toccata (Carlos De Seixas)
  • Toccata in A Major (Pietro Domenico Paradies)
  • Two Menuets (Jean-Philippe Rameau)
  • Two Polonaises (No. 1 in C Major) (Johann Gottlieb Goldberg)
  • Two Polonaises (No. 3 in G Major) (Johann Gottlieb Goldberg)
  • Wolsey's Wilde (William Byrd)

    Publisher: Alfred Publishi
    Composer: Various
    Arranger: Maurice Hinson
    Voicing: Piano Int
    Pages: 248
  • Anthology of Baroque Keyboard Music
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