Marshall MG100HGFX Head w/ Digital FX


Get stage-ready power, a ton of awesome effects, great practice features and iconic Marshall style. The Marshall MG series of amps delivers a range of classic and modern tones, with all the essential features that players need, and so much more. All the amps in this range are fitted with an emulated headphone output to make silent practice easier than ever. No matter what stage you’re playing on, these amps will look as great as they sound, thanks to their iconic gold piping and gold metal finish. The Marshall MG100HGFX 100W head is loaded with great features for both live play and practice. First, it's loaded with four storable channels and a host of digital effects, including delay, reverb, chorus, phaser, flanger, vibe and octave. For even more versatility, it features an external FX loop for your rack and/or pedal effects. It also boasts an aux. input to jam along to your favorite tunes, and headphone output for silent practice. Output: 100W Channels (storable): Clean, Crunch, OD1, OD2 Digital Effects: Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Vibe, Octave Digital Delay: Hi-Fi, Tape, Multi, Reverse Digital Reverb: Spring, Studio Power Amp Damping Switch: Yes Mp3/ Line In jack: Yes Emulated headphone Output: Yes External FX Loop: Yes 2-Way Channel Switching Footswitch: Supplied MG Footcontroller Compatible: Yes Dimensions: 26.5" x 19.4" x 10.9" (674 x 494 x 278 mm) Weight: 49.3 lb. (22.4 kg)

Model: MG100HGFX
Manufacturer: Marshall
Marshall MG100HGFX Head w/ Digital FX
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