Epiphone EJ200 Acou/Elect Guitar Vintage Sunburst


The Epiphone EJ-200CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar is Epiphone's version of the Gibson classic, the guitar you've seen in the hands of everyone from Elvis to Emmylou. Jumbo maple body with a solid spruce top, Moustache bridge, gold hardware, and crown inlays on the fingerboard. Beautiful to behold, it has huge sound that you can easily amplify via the electronics. The eSonic preamp The eSonic preamp with built-in tuner features studio quality fidelity, premiere dynamics, and greatly increased harmonic content, resulting in uncompromising acoustic guitar realism. The preamp is equipped with a very accurate chromatic tuner. When the tuner button is activated, there will be no output signal from the guitar. The tuner button can also be used as a mute function. By activating the tuner, you can avoid the loud pops when plugging in. Revolutionary Stereo Pickups! Under the EJ-200SCE's compensated saddle, is Shadows proprietary NanoFlex, low-impedance pickup. Unlike a piezo, the unique flexible sensing material features integrated active electronics that not only picks string vibration but also top and body vibrations as well for a truly acoustic tone without the harshness of piezos. Complimenting the NanoFlex is the revolutionary NanoMag pickup mounted at the harmonic-rich end of the fingerboard. Exclusively from Shadow, the NanoMag features 3 Samarian-Cobalt magnets and an integrated active circuit to capture all the highs and lows, including a wide range of harmonics. With your choice of either 1/4" mono output blending both pickups or 1/4" stereo output splitting the two pickups, you have incredible flexibility and opportunities to create the perfect acoustic tone live! Features: • Maple jumbo body with solid spruce top • Set maple neck • Rosewood fingerboard with crown inlays • Body, neck, and headstock binding • e-Sonic preamp and pickup system • Gold hardware • 25-1/2" scale • 1.6" nut width

Model: EJ200CEVSGH
Manufacturer: EPIPHONE
Epiphone EJ200 Acou/Elect Guitar Vintage Sunburst
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