Digitech Vocalist Pro Harmonizer


DigiTech's Vocalist Live Pro is a smart harmony vocal and effects rack processor based on Digitech's acclaimed Vocalist Live 4! Boasting improved note detection methods, and a MIDI interface that works with keyboards as well as guitars, the Vocalist Live Pro can create three or four part real-time harmonies with your live voice that are in key, in perfect pitch, and based entirely on the chords you are playing! With the VLPro, you also get a ton of world-class effects, including Lexicon reverbs, and the ability to select individual personas and genders for your virtual backup singers. Completely controllable onstage via an optional foot switch, you can kick in the harmonies at just the right moment with your Digitech Vocalist Live Pro! Digitech Vocalist Live Pro at a Glance: Harmony based on chord recognition World-class effects High-quality mic pre USB connectivity for tweaking presets Controllable via footswitch Harmony based on chord recognition The Vocalist Live Pro incorporates Digitech's MusIQ technology that actually analyzes the chords you're playing on your guitar or keyboard. It produces three or four part vocal harmony based expressly on what you play. You can choose unison, 3rd, 5th, or octaves above or below the lead vocal to get the right sound, storing presets for each of your songs. World-class effects and presets Not only can you pitch correct each individual voice with four adjustable parameters, you also have full control over a compressor, and Lexicon-licenses reverbs and EQ. Persona models let you actually select the gender and "style" of each of your backup singers, giving you a wide range of sonic and tonal possibilities. 99 factory presets are onboard the Vocalist Live Pro, which you can easily edit, recalling up to 99 presets of your own! High-quality mic pre The Vocalist Live Pro features a studio-grade Soundcraft mic preamp, complete with 48v phantom power for easily using any of your favorite condenser mics on stage for great sound. USB connectivity for tweaking and loading presets Connect your Vocalist Live Pro to your computer via USB, and you have complete control over your presets. As you experiment more and more with your VLPro, you still won't have to worry about forgetting your favorite presets - you can keep them archived on your computer, loading any 99 onto your VLPro via USB as you rehearse for your next gig! Controllable via footswitch While the Vocalist Live Pro is a mighty effects rack processor, it's designed expressly for the performer. You can control your VLPro via footswitch as well as expression pedal jacks, giving you control over your presets and effects for even more expressive, dynamic performances! Digitech Vocalist Live Pro Features: 3 or 4 part chord-based vocal harmony using MusiQ technology Includes a MIDI interface that works with keyboard as well as guitars Selectable unison, 3rd, 5th, or octave above or below of lead vocal Onboard effects including compressor, Lexicon-licensed reverbs and EQ, persona models Can edit, store, and recall 99 user or 99 factory presets Onboard guitar tuner XLR mic/line input with level adjustment Soundcraft studio-grade mic preamp 48v phantom power L/R Stereo 1/4" aux outputs L/R XLR main outputs S/PDIF out Ground lift Selectable output routings MIDI in/thru USB for preset Librarian and exchange Footswitch and expression pedal jacks for performers

Model: VLPRO
Manufacturer: Digitech
Digitech Vocalist Pro Harmonizer
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