Kala Tenor Guitar


There is a growing resurgence in popularity of the tenor guitar and Kala Brand Music Co. has introduced its own very unique design. What makes the Kala Tenor stand out in a field of instruments its size? Shorter than a standard size tenor guitar and one-and-a-half inch longer than a baritone ukulele, one might almost call it a "travel tenor". Many people used to take baritone ukulele and string them CGDA to use as a "travel tenor", but now you could simply buy the Kala Tenor and hit the road. Even if you own other tenor guitars, you might want to add the Kala Tenor for the fun of it....and if this is your first tenor, the smaller size and ease of playing will be an enjoyable first step to take.

Model: KA-GTR
Manufacturer: Kala
Kala Tenor Guitar
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