Epiphone Stop Tailpiece (LPC) Gold


Since their invention in 1954, the original stopbar and tune-o-matic have changed very little, if at all, which is a testament to their design quality and timeless functionality. Looking closely at this classic bridge/tailpiece combination that graces such legendary instruments as the Les Paul and the SG, it's easy to see why. Positioned behind the tune-o-matic bridge, the stopbar uses two very large bolts and anchors that mount directly into the guitar. Because of its weight and stability, it is very effective at keeping the instrument in tune because it does not move. It is also very effective at transferring every string vibration to the guitar contributing to increased sustain and the overall tone of the instrument. Additionally, the height of the stopbar can be adjusted to create more or less string "break angle" over the tune-o-matic bridge by rotating the two large bolts. In general, the greater the string angle over the bridge the better for tone and sustain but if you find that you are breaking a lot of strings at the bridge, you might try raising up the stopbar a little.

Model: ETP-LPC
Manufacturer: EPIPHONE
Epiphone Stop Tailpiece (LPC) Gold
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