Ever Bamboo Hockey Deodorizer Set (4-Pack)


Is your hockey bag in need of an Assist? Are you tired of the “face-off” between your stinky skates and gloves? Meet ‘Ever Bamboo’ – Nature’s Odour Enforcer. While most sprays just mask odours and create damp surfaces, Our easy-to-use bamboo charcoal inserts are the two-on-one that deodorizes AND dehumidifies, putting the STINK in the penalty box for good! Just pop the Ever Bamboo inserts into your skates, gloves, and bags and score! It’s the save your hockey bag has been waiting for.

Model: EB1310
Manufacturer: Ever Bamboo
Ever Bamboo Hockey Deodorizer Set (4-Pack)
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Price: $14.95 (CAD)

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