Conservatory Canada Piano 8

Conservatory Canada Piano 8


The New Millennium Piano Series is the official repertoire books for Conservatory Canada examinations. This graded series, in eleven volumes is designed not only to serve the needs of students, teachers and parents for examinations, but it is also a valuable teaching resource and comprehensive anthology for any pianist. The list pieces have been carefully selected and edited, and represent repertoire from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic Impressionist and 20th century periods. For your convenience, we have included the list pieces and studies for each grade in one volume. In choosing the studies, we have not only considered their suitability in building technique, but we have also tried to ensure that they could stand as recital repertoire in their own right. In addition, each volume also includes the syllabus requirements for the grade, as well as a graded arrangement of O Canada Volumes for grades 1 to 8 include a glossary containing a short biography of each composer represented in the volume. Conservatory Canada encourages at least one Canadian composition be performed in every examination. Composers working in Canada are well represented in the series. A small asterisk next to their name identifies them. In grades 1 to 4, the glossary includes a brief description of commonly used musical forms.

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Publisher: Novus
Voicing: Piano
Level: 8
Pages: 144
Conservatory Canada Piano 8
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