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  • Yamaha CBR15 Passive 15" Speaker
    Yamaha CBR15 Passive 15" Speaker

    The CBR Series is a new lineup of passive loudspeakers developed by adopting the extensive knowledge of speaker designand acoustic technologies that Yamaha has accrued over a long and storied history of making speakers of every kind.Combining a meticulous materials selection process, thorough customization of the audio components, and a fresh, innovativeapproach to speaker design, our engineering team's primary focus was to deliver high-power, high-definition sound in a highlyportable and versatile design that is equally at home in front-of-house, floor monitoring, or rigged configurations.- Custom Designed Transducers and Wide-Dispersion Constant Directivity Horn for Powerful High-Definition Sound- HF Protection Function and Highly Responsive LF Unit for Reliable Performance at Any Output Level- Rugged, Highly Portable Enclosure Design- Simple Connectivity- Versatility for a Variety of Applications

    Model: CBR15
    Manufacturer: Yamaha
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  • Yorkville Excursion Battery Powered Speaker with Bluetooth
    Yorkville Excursion Battery Powered Speaker with Bluetooth

    Yorkville Sound is thrilled to release the EXM Mobile 12, a lightweight twelve-inch battery powered speaker with a one-inch horn driver. For decades, sound solutions for events in wedding tents, outdoor gigs or non-traditional venues needed to take external power into consideration. The EXM Mobile 12 puts the days of renting power generators for specialty gigs behind us. • Ultra-compact battery-powered portable PA system • Three discrete input channels w/individual Volume and Tone controls • Bluetooth streaming enabled on Channel 3 • Integrated digital effects processor • Battery life LED indicator • Integrated standard speaker stand mount • Made in Canada

    Model: EXMMOBILE12
    Manufacturer: Yorkville Sound
    Regular Price: $999.00 (CAD)
    On Sale For: $849.00 (CAD)
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  • Yorkville YX10 150W 10" Passive Speaker
    Yorkville YX10 150W 10" Passive Speaker

    The YX10 delivers maximum performance in the most compact loudspeaker available in the YX Series. Engineered in North America, the YX10 benefits from Yorkville's fifty plus years of PA enclosure design experience in the creation of this ultra compact general purpose passive loudspeaker enclosure. Features 200 Watt Full Range Loudspeaker 10-inch Woofer 1-inch Compression Driver (1.4-inch Voicecoil) Designed for Front-of-House or Monitor Applications 100° x 30° Injection Molded ABS Waveguide Horn Innovative Dual Bulb CTL™ High Frequency Driver Protection 2 x Speakon™ and 2 x 1/4-inch Parallel Inputs Integrated All Metal Speaker Standmount Adaptor Solid 5/8-inch (15mm) Plywood Construction

    Model: YX10
    Manufacturer: Yorkville Sound
    Price: $279.00 (CAD)
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